NATIONAL TREASURE – Live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire

By: Jim Bob
Format: DVD
Label: Nyquest
Release date: 09/07/19
Availability: From Nyquest


  1. Chris’s Overture
  2. England
  3. A Perfect Day To Drop The Spoken Word Bomb
  4. Midnight On The Murder Mile
  5. The Music That Nobody Likes
  6. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
  7. Mrs Fucking MacMurphy Teaches Food Technology
  8. Back to School
  9. Is Wrestling Fixed?
  10. Let’s get Tattoos
  11. Battling the Bottle (Fighting The Flab, At War With The World)
  12. Billy’s Smart Circus
  13. Your Ghost
  14. Lean On Me, I Won’t Fall Over
  15. Shoppers’ Paradise
  16. What I Think About When I Think About You
  17. Johnny Cash
  18. Cartoon Dad
  19. A Prince In A Pauper’s Grave
  20. Victim
  21. Falling On A Bruise
  22. 24 Minutes From Tulse Hill
  23. The Taking of Peckham 123
  24. The Only Living Boy In New Cross
  25. This Is How It Feels
  26. Impossible Dream
  27. Angelstrike!
  28. Sheriff Fatman
  29. G.I. Blues
  30. Touchy Feely