By: Jim Bob accompanied on the Piano by Chris T-T
Format: CD Only
Label: The Ten Forty Sound
Release date: 23/11/16
Availability: Available from the Carter USM Store and online thru’ download/streaming services.

Jim Bob Sings Again – Accompanied on the Piano by Chris T-T’ is a beautiful collection of piano and vocal versions of Jim Bob solo and Carter USM songs. It features Chris T-T playing some quite majestic piano. Jim Bob’s voice has never sounded better.

This album was recorded in the summer of 2016 and was initially available at Jim Bob’s SOLD OUT winter tour. Limited stocks remain.

CD Tracklisting:

1. Cartoon Dad 
2. A Bad Day 
3. Johnny Cash
4. Our Heroes 
5. A Prince in a Pauper’s Grave 
6. Victim 
7. Glam Rock Cops 
8. Come on Smart Bomb! 
9. The Carousel 
10. Falling on a Bruise 
11. You Can’t Take it With You