By: Jim Bob
Format: CD Album
Label: The Ten Forty Sound
Release date: 20/04/09
Availability:  Online thru’ download/streaming services.

Jim Bob’s latest solo album ‘GOFFAM’ tells the story of a city in the grip of crime. The fire station is burning and a sniper is shooting at the nurses from the hospital roof. Another teenage life ends. The cops are corrupt, incompetent, or just lonely. A beacon is sent up into the sky for help. But Goffam’s superheroes are drunk, washed up or scared. Dark man, dark.

Recorded live and almost live with Chris T-T and Johny Lamb. 

1. The Golden Years of Lonely Old Dears
2. Goffam
3. Support the Gofffam Cops
4. Goffam’s Secret Millionaire
5. The Man Behind the Counter of the Science Fiction Superstore
6. Teenage Body Count 
7. Lonely Cop
8. One Small Step For Man
9. Architect Architect
10. Our Heroes
11. Superhero Midlife Crisis
12. Not Far From Here