By: Jim Bob
Format: CD Album
Label: Cherry Red Records
Release date: 30/11/07
Availability:  Online thru’ download/streaming services.

Recorded in London, Hampshire and Cornwall with a full band including a 12 voice teenage choir, this Jim Bob album: ‘A Humpty Dumpty Thing’ began life when Jim was asked to write a song for Mark Ravenhill’s hit pantomime ‘Dick Whittington & His Cat’ in 2007. Jim wrote six songs. Two ended up in the Barbican’s Christmas show.

The others were adapted to form the beginnings of this Jim Bob LP. The most obvious Dick Whittington trace is left in the song ‘Cartoon Dad’, with its chorus of ‘I thought the streets were paved with gold / I always thought my fortune flowed / all along the River Thames / from Westminster to Southend into the sea’. 

Other songs feature a man whose only friends are his Ikea office furniture, an overweight and lonely drunk running the London Marathon, a love song from a soldier sent overseas and a blog written by God.

Initial limited copies of the album came with the twelve thousand word Jim Bob mini novel ‘Word Count’. Set in the not too distant future when all art is commissioned by the State, the story follows a man with writer’s block chosen to write an 80 thousand word novel or face a jail term.

1. All The King’s Horses
2. Cartoon Dad
3. Every Day When I Come Home I Expect To Find You Gone
4. God’s Blog
5. Robin, Patrik And Chris
6. Another Day At The Office 
7. The Carousel
8. This Phoney War
9. Pizza Boy
10. Battling The Bottle (Fighting The Flab, At War With The World)
11. Why Can’t We Get Along?
12. From This Moment
13. The I Can’t Face The World Today Blues