By: Jim Bob
Format: Download Single & Video
Label: Cherry Red records
Release date: 19/11/07
Availability:  Online thru’ download/streaming services.

The lead track is about an overweight and lonely drunk running the London Marathon. ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ is Jim’s blackly comic version of this old favourite. And ‘Another Day In The Office’ is an acoustic version of one of his forthcoming album’s many standout tracks.

The single was accompanied by a video, featuring Mr Bob and Mr Spoons, and lovingly shot and directed by Pat Higgins at Jinx Media.

1. Battling the Bottle (fighting the flab, at war with the world)
2. The Wheels on the Bus
3. Another Day In The Office (acoustic version)

The title track also appeared on a 2008 Cherry Red download compliation entitled “The Indie Vigils”.