By: Jim Bob (recorded with the Jim Bob School Orchestra)
Format: CD album
Label: Cherry Red records
Release date: 7/04/06
Availability:  Online thru’ download/streaming services.

Jim’s fourth solo project album tells the story of a school and its struggle to move up from the foot of the education league tables. The album tells a tale of foul-mouthed food technology teachers, bitter geography teachers and the Mufty Day Riots. The album was performed in it’s entirety at Islington Academy in December 2005.

1. The first big Concert for the Orchestra 
2. Back to School 
3. Special Wants and Special Needs 
4. Hanging Around 
5. Mrs F*****g MacMurphy (teaches food technology) 
6. Storm in the Staff Room 
7. Taking care of the Caretaker 
8. School Wars 
9. ASBOmania! 
10. The Headmaster’s Song 
11. The Mufty Day Riots 
12. The School is not the Building (It’s the children)