By: Jim Bob
Format: DVD
Label: Cherry Red
Release date: 28/11/05
Availability: Sold Out

Performing solo and acoustic to a rambunctious audience at the Camden Barfly in September 2005, Jim Bob tears through the pages of his extensive back catalogue. Including solo numbers, Stereoworld songs and Carter classics.

Laugh, cry, sing along, or flick straight to the extras, which include: Jim Bob interviewed on ‘stuff’, Jim Bob reading extracts from his Carter book, Jim’s Super Stereoworld promo for ‘Bubblegum’.

Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Come On Smart Bomb!
Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss
Everytime A Churchbell Rings
Fresh Kills
Georgie’s Marvellous Medicine
Glam Rock Cops
Obsessive Compulsive*
Tongue Tied*
Ray Of Light*
A Prince In A Pauper’s Grave
The Revenge Of The School Bullied
Girls Can Keep A Secret
The Only Living Boy In New Cross
Bloodsport For All
Falling On A Bruise
The Final Comedown
Back To School
Pear Shaped World
The Music That Nobody Likes
Touchy Feely
GI Blues

* – with Chris T-T