By: Jim Bob
Format: CD Album
Label: The Ten Forty Sound
Release date: 20/05/03
Availability:  Online thru’ download/streaming services.

Goth guitar sounds, animal, jet & helicopter noises and a Big Finish – there’s got to be a Big Finish. Songs about disarmament, hard drugs, agrophobia and lost & star crossed love. Jim’s ‘Hunky Dory’ and no mistake.

1. Fathers against Handguns
2. Cruel 
3. He 
4. Krakatoa! 
5. In the Future All this will be Yours 
6. When you were my woman 
7. War is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll 
8. Julie’s Secret
9. I’m all Alone (and Everything Sucks) 
10. Cool 
11. Come Outside 
12. You Can’t Take It With You