By: Jim’s Super Stereoworld
Format: CD album
Label: MusicBlitz
Release date: 12/01/01
Availability: Sold out.

After a long wait, JSSW’s debut album was finally released on MusicBlitz – an American online record label – and as such, never made it into the shops. A beautiful piece of work, cherished by those lucky enough to own it.

1. Bonkers In The Nut
2. Greetings Earthlings (We Come In Peace)
3. Pear Shaped World
4. Superslob
5. The Happiest Man Alive
6. Could U B The 1 I Waited 4
7. 1000 Feet Above The Earth
8. A Bad Day
9. The King Is Dead
10. My Name Is John (And I Want You Back)
11. When You’re Gone (parts 1 & 2)
12. Touchy Feely