By: Jim’s Super Stereoworld
Format: CD & 7″ vinyl single
Label: Fierce Panda
Release date: 19/07/99
Availability: Online thru’ download/streaming services.

Jim’s first released outing, following the break-up of Carter USM. Jim’s Super Stereoworld were a virtual band, and possibly, where Damon Albarn nicked the idea for Gorillaz from. This strange, quirky single garnered a fair amount of airplay, but was a complete bugger to find in the shops, which didn’t help sales. The B-sides both became live favourites.

The version of Bonkers in the Nut is slightly different to the one that appeared on Jim’s Super Stereoworld’s debut album.

Cat No: NING76 & NING 76 CD

1. Bonkers in the Nut
2. You’re my Mate (and I like you)
3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Relay Race (on CD version only)