SONG FOR THE UNSUNG – New Jim Bob single

THIS FRIDAY Cherry Red Records release ‘SONG FOR THE UNSUNG (You’re So Modest You’ll Never Think This Song is About You)’, the second single from my forthcoming new album. It’s a fanfare for the everyday heroes too modest to blow their own trumpets. It’s a musical celebration of the selfless and kind. A round of applause and a big fat medal of appreciation. A banging of metaphorical saucepans on the doorstep. If ‘SONG FOR THE UNSUNG’ was a television show it would be presented by Davina McCall. It’s the most ITV single I’ve ever released. 
For the video we asked people to send us photos and stories of their own unsung heroes. Friends and family, nurses and teachers, postmen and lollipop ladies. Somebody who they wanted to celebrate. The response took us aback to be honest. We very quickly had a lot of pictures and some very moving stories of courage, of human kindness and friendship. Naturally a lot were Pandemic related, while others were simply people wanting to give a loved one a pat on the back just for being there. 

To see if your own personal unsung hero made the cut, or if you just fancy a good cry, watch the video when it premieres on BROOKLYN VEGAN ( ) this THURSDAY
One of the submitted unsung hero photos was picked out of a hat (trilby) and illustrated for the single’s artwork by Mark Reynolds, the artist responsible for the new album’s sleeve design and that of my previous top thirty smasher LP ‘Pop Up Jim Bob’. As you can see above, Mark has drawn Val Bleasdale, who was nominated by her son Thom, who said,

“This is my Mum, Val Bleasdale. She has raised tens of thousands for Animal Charities and the Cystic Fibrosis trust over the years, and she looks after me (I’m disabled and chronically ill) and she is an Angel.”

Thank you, Val and all the other unsung heroes.

Pay it forward,

Jim Bob x