Special Guests announced

It’s on like Monty Don!

It’s now April (I think) and November suddenly doesn’t seem all that far away. I need to see if I can shoehorn my lockdown body into a shiny suit. I need to buff up my red Doc Martens and acquaint and reacquaint myself with a flip load of songs both old and new. I need to practice talking to people I don’t live with. So much to do. Scissor kicks. Windmill power chords. Slandering politicians. Gigs baby! Gigs. 
Today we are more than super happy to announce the special guest action for the November shows. The utterly brilliant HURTLING will be opening on all dates (except Shiiine). Hurtling are a power trio, two of who (Jen and Jon) are also playing in my kick arse live band The Hoodrats. God they’re good. 
And then, in Brixton we are delighted to also have CRABBI (Graham from PWEI), playing new solo material and no doubt a few Poppies classics. Superb. 
Tickets are on sale now. Some dates have already sold out and others are very close to selling out. I am looking forward to these gigs like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve watched everything on Netflix and Amazon and there’s nothing on normal telly unless you like eulogies from posh people. I really need to get out of the house. I’d love it if you’d join me for some vitamin D.
Jim Bob x

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