Pop Up Jim Bob has dropped. It has popped up. Like a champagne cork. If you’ve already ordered a copy it should be arriving at your home very soon – immediately boosting the value of your home by 110%. 

If you haven’t already bought a copy, what the heck are you waiting for? Go to your nearest record shop now. If you don’t want to go outside (too-hot/covid/people/no-trousers) order the album online from one of those record shops. Or get it directly from Cherry Red.

When you’ve done that, and after you’ve listened to the record, go to your chosen social media platform and tell the world…JIM BOB HAS ARISEN! We now have the answers to the questions. Nothing can stop us. The future is back on. Rejoice!

Share your first thoughts about Pop Up Jim Bob with the world. 
What’s your favourite song?
Did the album make you dance, sing, laugh or cry?
Use hashtags… #popupjimbob #jimbobsavedme #jimbobobe #jimbobmbe #sirjimbob

Send messages to radio presenters. Ask them about playlists. Why are their playlists so dull? Do they feel there’s something missing? Tell them you know exactly what that is. Help make radio 110% better. 

Ring the BBC. Ask them why there isn’t a Jim Bob Day on BBCs 6 and 4?

Dress your kids up as their favourite Pop Up Jim Bob characters – pirate, cowboy, astronaut, soldier, surgeon and so on. Call it home schooling. 

All that kind of stuff. I’m counting on you. We can’t do whatever this is without your help.

Jim Bob xx