New Jim Bob Single

‘Jo knows it is what it is now. She knows she can’t dance to The Smiths now’

Following the 26 second punch to the solar plexus of ‘2020 WTF!’, ‘Jo’s Got Papercuts’ is the latest single from the new Cherry Red Records Jim Bob album ‘POP UP JIM BOB’. The ‘sleeve’ features another Mark Reynolds illustration. There are now more than twenty different Mark Reynolds Pop Up Jim Bob images. Buy all album formats to collect them all. Pokémon!

The song’s video is a self-isolation creation. Homemade by Jim Bob and Mrs Jim Bob, it features illustrations of Jo and her son, drawn by Mark Reynolds, who, when he first saw the finished video, said, “I had no idea cut up bits of paper could be so moving.” Jim Bob describes the video as being, “A combination of necessity and lyrical serendipity. We were going to recreate the scene from the film ‘Frances Ha’ when Greta Gerwig is running and jumping down the street, and then running and jumping down streets was outlawed. Trying to think of an alternative video I could film indoors, it occurred to me that a song about papercuts should be cut from paper.”

You can watch the video on the popular music blog Brooklyn Vegan:

And you can stream the song in all the usual places from here:

This will take you to links for the Pop Up Jim Bob album where you can stream this song. If you purchase the digital version of the album you’ll get Jo’s Got Papercuts and 2020 WTF! right away.

p.s. For those of you still needing to pre-order the album, go here and buy today