POP UP JIM BOB – A Brand New Album

‘POP UP JIM BOB’: The brand-new album from Jim Bob
CD (with signed postcard) / Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl with CalendarReleased on CHERRY RED RECORDS on August 14th 2020



1. Turn On, Tune In, Pop Up
2. Jo’s Got Papercuts  
4. Ted TALKS

6. 2020 WTF!
7. If it Ain’t Broke
8. BIG Boy 
9. Barry’s on Safari (In His Safari Suit)
10. #thoughtsandprayers 
11. You’re Cancelled and We’re Done

On March 9th this year, just before the shizzle properly hit the fizzle, I walked out of a mastering studio in West London with a USB stick in my pocket containing what Chris Thorpe-Tracey cryptically described on Twitter as my best music since I was 30 something. I think it’s closer to Post Historic Monsters myself, but anyway, I knew that when I left that mastering studio, just one week before lockdown, if I was never allowed to leave the house ever again, I would at least have a swansong worth singing about. 

‘POP UP JIM BOB’ is my first album of new material for seven years. Seven years! I thought I’d never write a new song ever again to be honest. And then I played a handful of live shows with a band (The Hoodrats) and it was like being in The Sex Pistols. “We should make a record.” Chris said. He wasn’t the only one. People would frequently and flatteringly suggest what the world needed at the moment was a new Carter album, to document or make sense of all the nonsense. Sting even said it when he saw my manager Marc at a David Bowie tribute concert wearing a Carter shirt. “We could do with them now.”  Sting said.

After those gigs with The Hoodrats, I was listening to the audiobook version of James Acaster’s ‘Perfect Sound Whatever’, a memoir about how James listened to over five hundred albums released in 2016 to help him deal with a breakdown. I was moved by James’s enthusiasm for new music, and inspired by the stories behind how and why many of the five hundred records were made. I could feel the itch. God, I wish I could make a record. And then I binge-watched the TV show ‘Succession’ and became obsessed with the theme tune. I tried to copy something like it on my iPad using GarageBand (which I’d never used before). Things started to fall into place. Cue the champagne emojis.

‘POP UP JIM BOB’ not only sounds amazing (so many potential singles), it looks it too. Mark Reynolds, who designed the covers for my books ‘A Godawful Small Affair’, ‘Jim Bob From Carter’ and the reprinted ‘Goodnight Jim Bob’ started off with some illustrations of me as an astronaut and a cowboy. And then we/he sort of got carried away. Mark drew me as a deep-sea diver, me as a pirate and a surgeon. Me as a soldier, me as a chef, me as a policeman and as Robin Hood. A sort of Mister Benn situation developed. We had enough different images for a Jim Bob calendar. “Let’s do a calendar”, I suggested. “We can include it with the vinyl version of the album.” The signed postcard that comes with the CD had to feature me as a postman, and of course there needed to be a Jim Bob postage stamp on the back of the postcard.

My manager Marc says “Please place your pre-order on Monday. Not only can we get this baby to number one (!) but more importantly the vinyl (a thing of utter beauty) is limited edition (and not fake limited to how many we can sell either) and they won’t be around forever. Also the first batch of pre-ordered CDs will come with a specially designed signed postcard. Order now cool kids! Oh, and if you buy the CD AND the vinyl, not only do you get nearly a pound off (!!), you will also be sent an exclusive download mini album ‘Pop Up Cover Versions’ on the album’s release date. Amazing!”

I know I’m bound to say this, but this album is fucking great. I want everyone to hear it. Obviously the charts are stupid. But wouldn’t it be great to have a Jim Bob record in the charts. Shall we get a Jim Bob record in the charts? 

Jim Bob xx