My Latest Novels – OUT NOW

J.B.Morrison released not one but TWO new novels on 19th March 2020 published by CHERRY RED BOOKS.

Here’s Jim to tell you all about them:-


Fifteen-year old Zoe Love is missing. While the police search the Earth for her, Zoe’s ten-year-old brother Nathan has other ideas. A year earlier, when Zoe was abducted by aliens, no one believed her. Apart from Nathan. He realises the aliens must have taken his sister again. As his father grows more and more desperate, and with his home planet in Brixton in danger of dying, Nathan decides he must get himself abducted by the same aliens, find his sister and bring her back. What unfolds is a heart-warming, heart-breaking and utterly compelling story of family love and loss, outer space, inner cities, and David Bowie.


Shelf-stacker and video unboxer Harvey King joins a genealogy website and starts compiling a family tree. The website sends him an email – a distant cousin wants to share her version of the King family tree. It’s a lot more detailed than Harvey’s attempt. The main difference is that on Harvey’s family tree his father has been dead for twenty-six years, while on his cousin’s he was still alive until four months ago…. A discovery that unearths further family surprises, secrets and lies. Like an insane episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Both books were published by CHERRY RED BOOKS on March 19th 2020. They are printed together in one big fat paperback. Like a double A-side of fiction or something. ‘A Godawful Small Affair’ is also available on its own as an e-book (‘Harvey King Unboxes His Family’ will be available as an e-book some time a bit later on) 

Look at the fantastic Mark Reynolds cover. It would make a great poster. A brilliant T-shirt. I’m going to see if I can get it projected onto the Houses of Parliament. 

Needless to say, I think ‘A Godawful Small Affair’ should win the Booker Prize and be made into a hit movie starring famous people. Whatever you do, make sure you buy it and read it – You’ll love it, I guarantee – review it in all the usual places (5 stars please). Tweet and Facebook and Instagram about it to your heart’s content. Make your own little #whereiszoelove videos. Tell all your friends how great a book it is. Sound like a plan? Wicked. I love you all.

Jim Bob (J.B. Morrison etc) 

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